Monday, December 12, 2016

Doctor Appointments Part 2

I left the doctor with news that I am on the cusp of normal, A1c of 5.7, the bottom rung of prediabetes. Metformin, 2-500 extended release tablets, are helping according to the doctor. I try to explain that my diet of 50g to 100g of carbs a day is probably helping more but is so difficult.  I also try to explain that if I eat too many carb at one time, like a sweet potato, I spike to over 200 mg/dL and even a small granny smith apple will put me over 150 mg/dL.
We have a difference of opinion, he looks at A1c while I look at the number after eating. I read where damage occurs at over 150 mg/dL and the higher/longer we are over that number, the greater the damage.  I don't want damage like my dad who has heart problems and neuropathy. Although he is 80 now, the problems have caused him pain and slowed him down when he was much younger.
Am I being unreasonable? Do I want too much by not only wanting the average to be in the normal range but to get rid of as many spikes as possible? Seems like that answer might be yes but my diabetes is in my hands and my doctor's. I need to speak up.

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