Friday, December 16, 2016

Doctor Appointment Part 3

As you can see from blog post 1 & 2, I am not a forceful person. I think of things to say and do long after the time as passed. I got home from the uneventful doctors appointment with a copy of my blood work in hand. I looked it over and googled some of the test results that were low and high but not mentioned by my doctor. Seems vitamin B and D were low, thyroid not where it should be and iron low too. Didn't I say I was tired?  So back to the vitamins, which I had run out of and am suppose to take per my doctors previous orders, and I noticed a difference in a few days. Duh.

Now to address the diabetes. I called the office and asked how often Doc wanted me to test. She called back and said once a day, at different times, and to write it down along with any notes such as exercise and food. Okay, I am going to my next visit armed and hopefully a little more dangerous. Time to get back in the routine of logging food and exercise so I can stick up for me!

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