Friday, January 6, 2017

How to Keep 2017 Resolutions

Last month I wrote about not having a routine and how my diabetes management had fallen short.
That was 2016, now it is 2017 and I am going to make a few changes.
What changes and how do I plan to keep them?
2017 Resolution

 I need to plan to have different routines, one for home where it is cold and one for the motorhome parked where it is warm.  I will write a blueprint for each so I can follow it, changing my optimistic plan as needed with what reality allows
I will get back in the habit of logging food and blood glucose in S Health. I read where putting a new habit with an established habit helps you keep it so I added "Log food/test" with my Take Medicine reminder in my phone. Hopefully getting nagged will help.
I am my best advocate, according to leading diabetes websites. I have to speak up, fighting for the best care I know I deserve. I know what happens when diabetes is left marginally treated and I do not want that future for me.  Speaking up is hard but I am getting better.
Although not on the list, I want to find others who feel like I do. The struggle is real and support is vital, especially when the support understands we are all different and diabetes treats us that way too.

How about you? Are you making plans or resolutions? What are you doing to be successful?

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