Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Doctor Approved 14 Day Libre Sensors!

New Doctor Approved 14 Day Libre Sensors!

14 Day Libre Sensor and Reader

I Got the 14 Day Sensors!

I finally have the 14 day sensors and reader.
I am on the final hours on my final 10 day sensor.
While traveling and then moving my Dr appointment fell to the side.
My insurance ended in my old state and started in my new state.
New State
New Doctor
New - well you know - EVERYTHING.
I brought in all my ammo
blood tests -
prescriptions -
graphs of food and glucose numbers from Cronometer -
old sensor and meter.

I was pleasantly surprised.
More on that later
he wrote the prescription,
wrong the first time,
after explaining the system with a little help from Google,
I got the prescriptions!!

Off to Walmart with my GoodRx card.


Yes - that was what I paid for 2 sensors.
Libre, or rather Abbott, sent me a coupon for a free reader.
Yay me!
Yay Free!
Yay $66.13!

In it goes tonight.
Start up in the morning when my old one quits.
More on that later as well!!

Have a great numbers day



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