Wednesday, January 23, 2019

14 Day Libre Switch

14 Day Libre Switch

Part 1 of the Libre Switch
I inserted the 14 day sensor before going to bed.
My 10 day sensor was still active thanks to Glimp.
I kept using Glimp on the old sensor
I wasn't ready to activate the new sensor.
I wanted to give the new sensor
"settle in" time.
I would activate when I got up
Yay!!! no more 12 hour waiting time.
I am so happy the Dr didn't have any issues writing a script.
I love my Libre.
My fingertips love the Libre.
My boyfriend loves the Libre.
I can scan and go.
Hiking, walking, eating, whatever.
SOOOO easy!


Part 2 of the Libre Switch
Ugly face but I am actually super excited!!
Can I say I love the 1 hour activation time?
What a difference!
12 hours was soooo long.
I mean it seemed so long,
you know,
like that 30 minutes on the treadmill, Precor, or StairMaster.
It's nice too that only 2 sensors a month are needed.

Ouch Libre Bite

Now I only have 2 sensor bite marks a month to deal with.
OUCH! Libre Bite

Have a great numbers day!

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