Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Freestyle Libre Sensor Placement: Inside Arm

Freestyle Libre Sensor Placement: Inside Arm

I can't wait to remove this sensor!

Freestyle Libre Placement Locations - User Guide

I attached my sensor on the inside location of my arm.
I won't put it there again!


Why Inside of Arm Didn't Work (For Me)

Inside My Arm

Too Sensitive

For me the inside of my arm is too sensitive
I could feel "pinches" and "pulls" in the skin and fatty area
That's the only way I can describe the quick intermittent shots of "ouch"
Kind of like getting a static shock - quick and surprising.

I can feel it when I sleep

Because I am a side sleeper the sensor is between my arm and side.
My rib cage does not like the sensor
I wake up to put my hand between my arm and side. Ugh

My skin itches

Not sure why but maybe the inside skin is more sensitive.
The outside of my arm is tanned and exposed to the world.
The inside of my arm is white, almost opaque, and thin.
And now it is itchy.

No Racerback Tanks

I occasionally wear racerback exercise bras and tanks,
The sensor caught the material at the arm hole of my tank.
Not just once but numerous times.
I don't need to rip off a sensor, I have and it hurts!!

Back to the Outside

I would like to try other areas,
for now I am going back to the outside of my arm.

Do you have different areas where you place your sensor?
Where do you avoid?

Have a great numbers day!



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