Monday, February 20, 2017

Onglyza and Insurance War

I called Walgreens to see if my new prescription for Onglyza was ready. Nope and the reason why - because insurance says NO. They have a different plan, a plan of their own. They want me to try Januvia or Tradjenta. Onglyza, Januvia and Tradjenta are all DPP-4 inhibitors. Onglyza is the newest one with Januvia and Tradjenta both almost ready to have generic products available. Could that be why I have to try them first? I am speculating but I wonder why, when all 3 are supposed to help you make your own insulin, the insurance company would override my doctors choice of drug. Then again, maybe he picked it because drug rep who stopped in his office gave a great sales pitch. I am so cynical and suspicious! Diabetes is really helping my attitude  😂
List of Approved DPP-4 Inhibitors

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