Monday, January 16, 2017

Being A Diabetes Advocate

2017 Resolution
I just got a chance to practice my 3rd resolution: Stick up for me by being a diabetes advocate. My own advocate. At the doctor's office.  My new blood work showed an increase in my A1c to 6.0 from 5.7. My glucose was 106 mg/dL when I first got up and after working out (30 minutes on Precor), getting ready and only have a glass of water, two hours later my glucose was at... drum roll ...97!  Really? I was hoping for a lower number. He, my doctor, wasn't happy with the increase but not overly upset either. I took out my log and my phone showing how my fasting glucose numbers rarely drop below 90 mg/dL and are usually 95-105 mg/dL and he agreed to order a different blood tests that would tell us if I am insulin resistant or not making enough. Treatment will differ and he agreed knowing what was going on would help in deciding the next step. I spoke up, with numbers to back me up. He listened. Off to the lab!
Speak up. Have numbers. SHOW what is happening or not happening. Explain how you are serious about getting numbers under control so your future isn't full of complications. Hopefully, your team will want to help. BUT if you are not happy with your provider, find another!

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