Friday, October 7, 2016

Guessing Games or Why is My Number So High??

We had the most delicious filet mignon steaks wrapped in bacon barbecued to perfection. My BF had a baked potato and I had a sweet potato. Half of a sweet potato. Worst case scenario 38 g of carbs. I didn't test before dinner so after I thought I would check. OOPS! 197 mg/dL. Man, it is at times like this that I wish I had remembered to test BEFORE I ate. Now I play the guessing game, was it high because I munched on Cheetos puffs? They only have 1 g of carbs each and I had 5. Seriously? Can you say, "Get on the Precor and walk that high number down - NOW!"?  So I did. 30 minutes on the Precor, 2000 steps, heart rate up, not much sweat. New test - 120 mg/dL. Oh yeah. So when I eat the other half of that sweet potato, I'm testing first!  Don't like the guessing game.

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