Monday, September 5, 2016

Holiday Mayhem

Today's a holiday!  Yay, I think. Sometimes holidays are difficult depending on the food involved.  So far this morning I have done great. Woke up to a 113 mg/dL number after sleeping in until 8am. What a pleasure it is to sleep in!  To top it off, the morning was beautiful so my bf suggested a walk.  Once he mentioned walking I was in the kitchen grabbing a thin piece of banana nut bread (I estimated 20-25ish carbs as homemade with a few tweaks). That is my sneaky way of eating stuff I love but spike my numbers. I eat then walk or precor!!  I got in 9018 steps - wow!!  I came back and tested. 120mg/dL but an hour later, 96mg/dL. YES!!
After Walk
One Hour Later

Tonight will be smoked ribs, coleslaw, frog-eye salad, baked beans and peach cobbler. I will need to pick my food wisely. I'll keep you posted.

Let me know how the holidays affect your eating and how you cope.

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