Friday, September 30, 2016

Dreaded Error Message on Glucose Meter

Can I scream? Can I say not very nice words?  Oh trust me, all kinds of stuff goes through my thoughts when I get this message - "!E13".  It might as well say *%$##$^&*## because error messages, though useful, basically tell you that you just wasted a test strip and that precious drop of blood.  Test strips are not cheap. Blood, although technically free since it runs through your veins, is precious too . Each poke is another little tender spot on your fingertip to get that drop. Although some meters advertise only needing a small drop in comparison to other companies small drops, it still needs a drop of blood. You do your best to not put the lancet on the 5 when using your pinkie finger but sometimes you just set it, let it go and OUCH! or OOPS!  Too much blood, not enough blood. When it isn't enough, you do it again wasting money and blood. When it is too much, you may have a small bruise or the soreness takes longer to go away along with wasting blood.  I can't wait until someone comes up with a different method than drawing blood so it can stay in my veins and not go in a test strip. Oh and my fingertips..... they would be grateful too!!
How about you? What error message makes you sigh?

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