Monday, January 1, 2018

Resolutions, Systems & Goals:Email Clutter

My inbox was flooded. So many emails. Too many emails. Emails selling planners that will help me be organized in 2018. Other emails selling courses so I can nail, crush, achieve, and reach my hearts desires or resolutions or goals.  Some asked what kind of future did I envision but others told me the 4 mistakes I am making or why I am procrastinating.  Then there were the support emails, roll calls, did you miss my earlier email, only 2 more hours left!, reminders, mastering my environment along with creating miraculous outcomes.  I was overwhelmed after neglecting my account for a few days.

Delete became my friend. I scanned topics. Facebook notifications - deleted. Updates, roll calls, reminders - deleted.  Courses for sale, including hours left!and did you miss this? - deleted as I don't have the time or the money right now. As I looked at the few emails remaining I came up with my:
Get Rid of Email Clutter
1. Unsubscribe. Many emails are from websites I am no longer interested in and they have an unsubscribe button in the email. I USED IT and turned off notifications I no longer need or want.
2. I use GMail so emails I need to see right away will stay in the Primary tab.  I'll use the other tabs for items I can look at later or scan when convenient.  Outlook and other emails have similar features. Use them to your advantage.
3. Set up Inbox folders so after I review I can catalog the ones I want to keep.  Diabetes and Blog folders were first and I'll make more as I find what works.
3. Stay on top of email clutter so there isn't 100+ emails demanding my attention.
Whew!!  My second resolution will have to wait until tomorrow. 

What tools do you use to keep email clutter to a minimum? Share any secrets you have in keeping an organized, non-stress inducing mailbox! 


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