Thursday, January 4, 2018

Resolutions, Goals, and Systems: How Not to Fail

So my first resolution is to keep a clean inbox. So far so good! One day down, 364 to go! 


I want to make bigger, better, life-changing resolutions. I want to succeed. I know there are books, planners, worksheets, and courses I can buy.  How do I know if what works for one person will work for me?  I've read about SMART goals and the different opinions.  So many different ideas.

I found this article  which lists statistics on 2017's resolutions. I found it interesting that 41% usually make resolutions while 42% NEVER make them. Almost 38% of people in their 20s achieve their resolutions each year but only 16% of people over 50 are successful.

After reading the above as well as many different posts, blogs, and articles, I have decided I will need to put a bit of effort into 2018's resolutions. I can't just say I want good glucose numbers, I'm going to exercise more, or I'm going to eat my vegetables. Nope, I'm going to have to roll up my sleeves, sharpen my pencil, and put some thought and effort into what I want to accomplish in 2018.

1. Declare it. Name it and claim it. Oh, and make it specific. None of this: Lose Weight, Eat Right, Exercise, Be Healthy, Spend More Time With __.
How about these instead: Lose 30 pounds, Exercise 4x a week, Cut out Added Sugars, Plan Date Nights or Plan Game Nights.
Gain 10 pounds
Eat better
2. Write it down. Under the resolution/goal, write what that resolution looks like to you.
Gain back the 10 pounds lost as muscle
Eat more vegetables (ugh) and watch saturated fats
Finish the book I started
3. Write a game plan and plan the steps. This includes not just time but money. The program I use for food requires a paid subscription plan to download reports. Each step should have a time limit. "Before I die" will not motivate you!
4.  Schedule it! Add reminders, schedule pop up notifications in your calendar, make a commitment with yourself or with that someone you want to spend more time with. By setting up realistic steps with time frames, you can see if your resolutions are attainable and workable.
SO - the first two are actually woven together:
Enter food and exercise into program daily
Add times and glucose readings
Do this for two weeks
Download reports for carbs, fats, protein and nutrients after 2 weeks
Look at foods to see what needs to stay and go
Check out the Internet for food options 
Change eating to get better nutrition & enough calories.
 I have a variety of foods to pick from
I have a better idea of where my numbers are when I eat and exercise
I started writing a book, just for fun when I was traveling as a passenger.
Now, I want to finish it.
Set aside 30 minutes two nights a week (Tuesday and Thursday) and 1-2 hours each weekend (Sunday afternoon)
6. Now find a family member, friend, group, forum, or Facebook group where you can get support and be held accountable when you want to give up. Post your progress on Facebook where a thumbs up can give you an extra bit of encouragement. Or Tweet, if you do that! Find a way to be supported and maybe you can support someone else in their quest for a successful New Year's Resolution.
7. Be flexible. As I go through each day, with my plan written out in my calendar plus all the reminders, I need to remember that life is fluid. If Thursday doesn't work, write an hour on Tuesday. If I forget to log breakfast and lunch, take the extra time and log it with dinner. It isn't all or nothing. If life throws a curveball, I just need to swing using my support group if needed. 
 Something to Think About
Why am I doing these 2 things?
Why do I want to spend the time and money to track food? Why track my numbers? Why work out?
Why to I want to finish this book that was started just for fun?
I want better number control. I want to have a variety of food that I know I can eat without spiking. I want muscles that burn glucose better. I am getting older (I know! Imagine that?!?)  so muscle mass tends to decrease. I want to be able to hike, bike, and enjoy life!
I am horrible about finishing what I start and I want the satisfaction of completing this project. I want to say I wrote a book.
Here's to 2018:
May it be filled with blessings and success!


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