Tuesday, January 7, 2020

New Technology VS Old Technology

New Technology VS Old Technology



I think I will be saying good by to my old Surface

And I am sad.
Worked perfectly for my blog.
No Problem!
Set up Mailchimp and .dlvt?
Not anymore.

Support is ending for the dinosaur I own.
No more updates.
Old Explorer that no one likes and I can't get any other browser.
No Chrome.
No Firefox.
I can't webpages to open correctly.

I know I got my money out of it
I just hate getting new stuff when the old worked just fine
They made it where it doesn't work anymore
They decided you need to get a version of whatever they are selling.

Anyone out there hear me on this??!!
Upgrading, updating, or whatever you call it
Takes time!
Time I don't want to spend getting a new "whatever" set up
You know,
Set up the way I want it
Set up with logins and pages
Set up with programs
Set up with favorites

SO much time to get it where I can just type again.

I am dragging my feet right now.
I will be kicking and screaming all the way to the store.

Have a great numbers day!


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