Friday, February 15, 2019

Same Meal, Different Blood Glucose Number? Eat Your Carb Last

Same Meal, Different Blood Glucose Number?

Eat Your Carb Last

Can Changing the Order of Your Food Help Your BG Number?

It seems, according to this small study, that changing HOW you eat your meal can change your BG number.
Say What???

The test included the same meal for 3 different days
The eating order:
1.  Carbohydrate, 10 minutes later protein and vegetable.
2.  Protein and vegetable, followed 10 minutes later with the carbohydrate.
3.  All three together.


#2.  Glucose was 53% lower
#3. Glucose was 44% lower
Now - this was for the first 30 and 60 minutes after the meal.
After that, the #1 order had lower numbers at the 120, 150, and 180 mark.
Seems the bread caused a big spike in glucose which caused an insulin release creating a low.
So eating the bread first causes a spike and a low.
Eating your protein and fibrous salad/vegetables slows everything down helping to keep glucose numbers even.
OK, maybe not even as in a flat line but less of a big spike with a big drop.
The treacherous high/low that can get us into trouble.

Dinner Time

I think I may try that tonight.
We are having chicken, salad and either pasta (which I eat about 4 noodles) or 1/2 a small potato.
I think I will eat in the order I just wrote this.
See what the numbers do.
I might even try this with breakfast.
Seems I've started to get higher numbers with the exact same breakfast.
Exact same, for months and months.
Maybe I'll switch the order and see what happens.

Guinea pig time!!

How do you eat your meals?
Do you have a set order (me)?
Or do you take a bite of this and a bite of that (aka my BF)?

Eat and test and let's see what happens!

Have a great numbers day!



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