Saturday, August 18, 2018

Continous Glucose Monitors and Costs

I want a CGM!
Technically I don't need a continuous glucose monitor, according to insurance, since I am considered controlled with diet, exercise and oral medicine.  My diet is fairly tight as far as carbs go.  I exercise daily by walking, jogging, hiking, chasing grandkids, working in the yard and other activities.  I take Januvia and 4-500EX Metformin tablets.  My A1c was 5.8 last blood work check, high but in the pre-diabetic range (I won't rant about that right now).
Still, I want a CGM.  I want to check my number when I get up; before, during and after exercise; when I eat something I don't normally eat; when I feel light headed, sick or tired; at bedtime; or when I just want to know my number! In order to do that I would be testing about 10x a day and sometimes more. I would like to test whenever I want but test strips aren't cheap.  Fingertip real estate is limited.  Oh, and fingertips get sore. Try testing when hiking, biking, or at a party while dancing and drinking. I'm not always on point when testing either: sometimes not enough and I have to repeat like below or too much and blood spots mark everything I touch.


Since insurance says no I wanted to see what it would cost me.  I'm gathering information and will take it to my doctor and see if I can get a prescription to buy one out of pocket. Here are the three I looked into:

Medtronic Guardian:

Dexcom G6:

Freestyle Libre:

More to follow. 

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